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Migrating Enterprise Software
Research status: past , date: Started July 2007


Rajesh Balan

Narayan Ramasubbu

It is quite common for companies to invest millions in CRM or ERP systems. However, after many years, these systems quickly become old and clunky. The company then has to make one of three choices: a) stay with the old system, b) migrate to the latest version of their systems, or c) migrate to a completely new system. Each of these choices has associated advantages and disadvantages.

In this project, we aim to provide tools and techniques that will allow companies to make of these decisions in a more informed way. Currently, companies have no informed way of doing this. They are forced to either guess or spend money to hire external consultants to tell them what to do -- the consultants may or may not be correct (the consultants have no real tools either).

Our goal is to allow various people in the company (the CIO, project manager, finance head, etc.) to accurately and quickly understand the implications of any migration decision on the aspects that they are interested in -- for example, the project manager might only be interested in runtime performance while the finance head is only interested in dollars and cents.

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