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My Research Projects
More details about my current and past research projects can be found here.

Current Projects:
bulletLiveLabs - Started January 2011
LiveLabs is a large urban testbed that is being deployed at a university, airport, mall, and resort island. Please go to the LiveLabs Website for more details.

bulletReal-Time Traffic Analysis and Management - Started August 2007
This project looks at various aspects of improving a taxi network.

bulletDistributed Software Development - Started January 2007
One of the side effects of globalization has been the migration of software development to offshore locations. However, does this migration actually help or hurt in terms of efficiency, errors, etc?

Past Projects:
bulletManaging IT Resources in Corporate Environments - Started July 2008 , Ended January 2010
A common problem in corporate environments is managing the large number of computers in those environments. For example, how do you ensure that all the computers have the latest software patches? How do allow users to easily and autonomously download new applications to their desktops?

In this project, we investigate whether OpenISR can help solve these problems.

bulletMobiVerse - Started June 2008 , Ended January 2010
Everyone carries a cellphone these days. However, very few people do more than just SMS and voicecalls on their phones. In particular, what kinds of applications would a large section of the population want to use on their phones?

In this project investigates what kind of applications users actually want to use on their mobile devices -- paying careful attention to recommendation systems that provide local information to users.

bulletSoftware Project Cost Estimation - Started February 2008 , Ended January 2010
A common problem faced by software companies is understanding how much a particular software project will cost. This is particularly important for development houses that need to bid for projects -- a high bid will be rejected while a low bid will cost the development house money.

bulletMigrating Enterprise Software - Started July 2007 , Ended January 2010
It is quite common for companies to invest millions in CRM or ERP systems. However, after many years, these systems quickly become old and clunky. The company then has to make one of three choices: a) stay with the old system, b) migrate to the latest version of their systems, or c) migrate to a completely new system. Each of these choices has associated advantages and disadvantages.

bulletConvergence or Divergence? - Started May 2007 , Ended January 2010
A common question for mobile researchers is understanding what users do and want from their mobile devices.

bulletDigital Wallet - Started April 2007 , Ended January 2010
This project investigates the viability of using a cellphone as a wallet.

bulletMassively Multiplayer Mobile Game Infrastructure - Started November 2006 , Ended April 2013
Massively Multiplayer Mobile Games (MMMOG) are fast becoming a popular form of entertainment. However, building the infrastructure required for these games is non-trivial.

bulletScalable Multiple Game Infrastructure - Started May 2003 , Ended January 2007
In this project, we built a scalable game infrastructure for Massively Multiplayer Mobile Games (MMOG)

bulletCyber Foraging - Started July 2000 , Ended December 2006
The goal is to allow large applications to work on small devices. These applications include language translators, speech recognizers, and augmented reality applications.

bulletProject Aura - Started July 2000 , Ended July 2006

bulletTCP Trunking - Started July 1998 , Ended July 2000

bulletDistributed Networking for the CAVE - Started July 1997 , Ended June 1998

bulletMesh Generation for Virtual Reality Environments - Started January 1997 , Ended May 1998